Thursday 27. march, 2003:

Back in Trondheim again after the Hellacopters gig in Åre, Sweden last night.
And what a great gig! You can read all about it in the review-section soon.
The weekend´s coming up, and here´s some shows you gotta see, if you´re in Norway:
** The Namsos Rock Festival kicking off tomorow with super acts like
Electric Ladyland & soulsisters Supervixen. Check out links in the Norwegian bands section
if you wanna hear´em. Hot chicks in the name of rock´n roll!
** Everybody´s favourites; the Action Pilots, will be supporting the not so good Reilly Express
at Uffa here in Trondheim tomorrow. But CC is cheap(50,- I guess), and the Pilot boyz is on a high roll
after their smashing performance at Oslo´s So What! club last night. Also heard there was some big celeb
guests there, but not gonna tell you whom, ´cause I don´t like his band. Never ever fuck with the Ramones!
Send a mail & ask me, and maybe I won´t lie.
** Not the fucking Datsunz, but Oslo´s hard cock-rockers Datsun, plays at the Knaus club
in Trondheim, also tomorrow. Check out their cool site here: Datsun.
And they will bring their cocks, and probably their rock too, to the Namsos Rock Festival on saturday.
** The amazing Graves brings their FUZZ POWER to Fredrikstad, Norway at the Crypt tomorrow night.
Support act is Fredrikstad´s own lovers; Powerpop Boys.
** And the grande finale: Namsos Rock Festival afterparty on saturady at MC Heroes;
Action Pilots will throw a spectacular show including lots of covers of  rock´n roll favourites
like Ramones, Clash and so on.

I´m pretty excited at the moment, I´ve fallen in love with some french folks! And it´s a big crush too!
"Real French Glamour since 2001", ladies & gents, tramps & thieves: the  Sparkling Bombs !!!!
Their site is one of the coolest I´ve ever seen, and damn they look good! L.U.V. you Alice:-)
You can download one of their songs here: SLAM Party Rock Zine!
And as your already in that area, be sure to check out Laurent´s great Veglam zine.  Just go to
the fanzines-section on the left. And look how great the link to this site stands out among the others there:))))
By the way, you can also download one song from the Scarecrows EP, and one by the fantastic Robin Black
at the Party Rock Zine. You´ll gonna love it!



Tuesday 25. march, 2003:

Swedish glam-rock sensations, the Scarecrows, will be supporting Trashcan Darlings at their
upcoming gig at Elm Street, 11. april. This is most likely one of the best  connections ever! So don`t
miss out on this one. The Scarecrows have released a 4-track CD-EP, but it might be a bit hard to find.
BUT, one track off it, maybe the hit, can be heard on the jukebox at the Metal Express site.
Check it out now, before they might remove it.
I know some of you wanna dress up, and be pretty in their t-shirts. Now you can relax,
brand new are on the way, and also for the girls this time.
Info on that will be up on the shop soon, and also the new, sexy Trashcan Darlings shirt.
Hey sax-man, blow me away!!!!

Oops! Forgot all about it: Still got some copies of the Scarecrows EP left,
check the shop section.
And remember the Hellacopters tomorrow in Åre, be there at nine in the evening.
The RockAlcoholic&FuckedUp-car will be on the road!


Monday 24. march, 2003:

Hola Gringos! New week lies ahead of us (no fucking kidding?!) and it´s crammed with
Rock´n Roll shows all over. Nice to have some days off then:)))
Forthcoming wednesday´s gonna be one hell of a night at the SO WHAT! club in Oslo;
The mighty hard rockers of Action Pilots and the ultra sexy Bazooka Boppers joins up for a
Rock Out Night! And Big Muff 68 will bring some stoner-boner I guess... Anyway, CC is only 60,-

The Hellacopters enters Scandinavias Aspen, Åre in Sweden, the very same wednesday. CC is 170SEK,
and doors open at 21.00. No pre-sale on tickets for this show, so it´s safe to be there early.

If you´re not already familiar with one of Norways finest in the rock´n roll industry; The Carburetors,
waste no more of your time! Still got the excellent "Fast Forward Rock´n Roll" CDEP for sale, and
a brand new 7" single is not far away. It´s gonna be released by fabulous Sneakers records.
Also, new T-shirts, stickers etc... is on the way, so stay alert!
Lover boy Tommy O, the most entertaining DJ  we´ve ever met, rocks out frequently in the shot-bar at popular
Jesper Nightman club in Trondheim. Dates will follow, so here´s your chance to check out the Carburetors 
music for sure. He´s goin´ wild behind the bar as they are blastin´ through the speakers, Thanxxx a lot man!

More rock´n roll shows you won´t miss this week, will be posted later.
The shop is updated with some nice information now. If anyone outside Norway got questions about prices and
so on, mail me! (I love it when the confusion is big enough:-) No problem!
Spank my ass, and I´ll get my act together.



Friday 21. march, 2003:

Aaah weekend!
Just quoting the Dictators. For a hard working man like me, this is what it´s all about.
So grab a bottle of the best damn liquor you´ve got (or worst, it doesn´t make that
much difference) and may we recommend a bunch o´ fine rocking slabbers:
* Nine Pound Hammer, Hayseed Timebomb CD. Drink, drive & fuck, Yeah!
* Hanoi Rocks, Twelve Shots On The Rocks CD. Sleazy as it gets!
* Mike Ness, Under The Influence CD. I fought the fucking law!
* The Love Dolls 7". I´m in L.U.V.
* Red Planet Rockers, Tic Toc 7". Cheers from down under, mate!
* The Reverend Horton Heat, Full Custom Gospel Sounds Of... CD. I want my 400 bucks, Bitch!
* Rose Tattoo, Pain CD. Ooowh, Boogie!
and many more really. But these will have you drinking all night long...
...anyway, anywhere, anyhow.
And for the lucky bastards in the Trondheim area, the rocking & bopping Tommy O,
will most likely play some of these records down in the shot-bar at the
Jesper Nightman club, tonight! Show up and drink us under the table!


Wednesday 19. march, 2003:

Finally the Ramones Fan Club Norway got their shit together.
I´ve had enough of this crummy stuff, so now I wanna be sedated:



Monday 17. march, 2003:

We´re proud to announce that the awesome Oslo boogie gods: the Rat Cats are
on the road and shaking their asses again. And our asses...
And finally, it looks like they are ready for some studio time in may.
But first of all, live and motherfucking dangerous in:
- Stavanger, NOR, 24. april
- Oslo, NOR, 1. may

But Trondheim-rockers! Don´t feel to safe... they might play in your
own backyard before you can spell C.H.U.C.K. B.E.R.R.Y.
For more news concerning the Rat Cats, check out the Backstreet Girls homepage,
you know where to find it.

Whatever happened to loyalty?!?
The most likely to be, album of the year is let loose, long before it´s releasedate!
But goddamn it rocks! However, ten copies of the original LP
is ordered to the street. So should you!
E´nuff said.



Sunday 16. march, 2003:

Aaand... We´re back!!!!
This site is really starting to hook us up with some damn fine people.
The ball is finally rolling, and it´s great to be alive:-)
Sorry for the lazy updating, but we´ve had some troubles. Computers are funny business you know.
Anyway, lot´s of excellent gigs and drunken nights in Trondheim lately; we´ve had the By:Larm showcase
(by:larm means city noise), the Carburetors almost tearing down the walls at the Knaus club,
followed by the ultra sleazy, mega cool Trashcan Darlings´ lipstick menace! This band is so fucking
great, that we drove 400km to see them at the Felix club in Lillehammer the day after.
Even though the amazing Backstreet Girls played here in Trondheim. And that says A LOT!
Luckily, I was joined by wonderwoman Angel*Marte for the Felix gig, and she took
some fantastic photos of the band, both on-stage and off-stage.
They will be put up either here, or on the Trashcan Darlings site soon.
Everything that we remember from these shows, will be found in the review section.
All the stories, every word said and heard.

Also, proud to announce that the first links to us is up now. You can find them
at the wonderful Sleazegrinder site, and the Carburetors and DENIMzine sites.
Be sure to check ´em out!
They represent what makes the world wide web so fucking great. You´ll understand
when you´ve been there. We´ll keep you posted on what´s going on with the Sleazegrinder;
Last of the Rock´n Roll Motherfuckers!
And make yourself happy, and take a peek at the Sleazegrinders sister site:
We´ll put up a link real soon.
The DENIMzine website is up and rolling again, with new layout and fresh minds.
Looking forward to summer boys!, hope we´ll meet again.

There seem to be a bit confusion about us; "Who are these wildcats?!?"
Well... it´s basically me: Ringo Kid, Joar, Sparky... or whatever you wanna use. But this site
wouldn´t see the light of day if it weren´t for some extraordinaire bunch of guys.
So I think "we" is appropriate most of the time. Or, it´s just my fucking schizofrenia.
Now then... the plan was to really get something done here tonight. But after the soaking Hellacopters
concert last night, I have to call it quits. Gonna crash out with the John Lydon biography I´m reading.
Only in the first chapter yet, and I´m fucking pissing my pants. It´s great, and everyone should get hold of a copy.
But check here again real soon. Tourdates for hard rockers Action Pilots will follow.
Signing off...



Tuesday 11. february, 2003:

The Trashcan Darlings "Episode 1: The Lipstick Menace" LP is available
at the "Off the record" recordstore in Trondheim, owned by legendary Morty Black,
ex bass-player of heavy metal outfit TNT. Well, we read somewhere that they´re back now.
So get down and buy the fucker!
And don´t forget the Trashcan Darlings playing the "Knaus" club in Trondheim, friday
28. of february, and the "Felix" club in Lillehammer (olympic city ´94) saturday 1. of march.
More info on that coming later.
The lovely Stina Vixen (of Supervixen fame), will be DJ´ing at the "Jesper Nightman" bar
in Trondheim, wednesday 19. and thursday 27. of february. Expect some nice, hard rock
with AC/DC and glamrock punkrock bands Silver & The Trashcan Darlings.
Brilliant warm-up for the gigs.
Hope all you Oslo people were at the Supervixen show last night at Last Train.
We had forgotten all about it, sorry!
Also, the long awaited DVD-release of Turbonegro´s "The Movie" is out now.
Available everywhere we guess, as the denim demons takes over the world.
Turbonegro are playing in Trondheim Spectrum! 29. of may.

A lot of people seem to think that some of us is gay?!? No names mentioned!
But we can asure you... well you figure it out yourself.

Sunday 9. february, 2003:

New download available at the Jayne County site. It´s a fantastic live version of
"Cream in my jeans", that you all need to hear. This month only! Also, check out the
video-clips to see some amazing performances. But we recommend that you mix yourself a nice,
big drink, and just do the whole damn site!
We´ve added a link to the great, great Null$katte$nylterne in the norwegian bands section,
and a link to web-radio Metalexpress in the fanzines section. There you can now listen to
"Rock´n Roll Horrorshow" by the Trashcan Darlings, and "TV Screen Daydream" by swedish rockers Scarecrows.
Just click on the "jukebox". So all fans of Ramones, Hanoi Rocks, Wildhearts etc, check it out!
We know you´re gonna love both bands, and you can buy their records through us.

On thursday, By:Larm 2003 takes place in Trondheim. There´s a lot of discussion and debating going on,
do we need this or not?!? We really don´t care!!!!
As long as there´s some good bands, we´re gonna go see´em. If some drunk record-company representative
hands out a contract to one of them, it´s cool with us. BUT there´s a lot of shitty bands playing, and it´s
pretty expensive. Prices and full program can be found here:

We recommend you to support these fine acts:

On thursday 13.feb:
*Bazooka Boppers, Kafe Larssen, 22.00

*Conjacks, 3B, 00.00
*The Carburetors, Sake Pub, 00.30
*Supervixen, Blæst, 01.00
*Action Pilots, 3B, 01.30

On friday 14.feb:
*The Carburetors, Coffee Annan, 21.00

On saturday 15.feb:
*On Trial, Kafe Larssen, 00.00
*Hellride, Klubben, Samfundet, 01.00

Tuesday 4. february, 2003:

We´ve had a GREAT weekend with lots of hard rock, and maybe
a bit too much to drink. Anyway, we´ll try to bring you some kind of reviews
from the Action Pilots gig on friday, and the Nullskattesnylterne gig on saturday.
All we can say now, is that they were FANTASTIC!!!!
You who didn´t see the UK Subs show at Kafe Larssen, check somewhere else,
´cause we don´t remember much. But it was hard though.
Everyone in the Oslo area, be sure to catch the Action Pilots live at Betong,
forthcoming thursday. They got some amazing new songs that will rock your cock out!
Scroll down and see more tourdates for the Pilots, but on friday 7. feb,
there will be no gig, but a photo-session instead.
The Wonderfools are finally playing in Trondheim, and boy! are we anxious to see them.
The gig takes place at Knaus, Studentersamfundet, forthcoming friday, and CC is laughable 40nok.
We don´t know who´s in the band at the moment, and how they actually sound these days.
But everyone who´s heard their brilliant "Kids In Satanic Service" album,
know that they won´t let us down. Songs like "Wimp City", "Mad Motherfucker´s Back In Town"
and "Night Of The Dateless Axeman" will cause huge orgasms throughout the crowd.
Some of you been asking ´bout the Shop-section we bragged about. And it will
eventually come up. But for now, you can mail us and we´ll send you what you want.
Check earlier news for which bands.

Sunday 26. january, 2003:

We´ve been on the world wide web for 2 whole weeks!
Who would´ve thought.
Lots of great gigs lies ahead of us in Trondheim city. Next weekend is loaded with hard rock.
The Action Pilots plays Knaus, Samfundet on friday, and their pals in Nullskattesnylterne

rocks the same house on saturday. Check out the full program at:
But don´t miss the UK Subs on thursday at Kafe Larssen. The line-up is one of the all-time best,
so we´re in for a real treat. It´s not sold out yet, but it will be. Buy your tickets now! Check out
the Kafe Larssen web-page, just go to "scenes" on the left, and click on the link.
In mid-february we have the "by-larm" showcase in town. Lots of un-signed bands,
but not so many good though. But maybe we´ll catch some new faves.
Anyway, cool bands like The Carburetors, Action Pilots, Bazooka Boppers, Conjacks, On Trial and Hellride
will play on a selection of scenes as Blæst, Samfundet, Sake and 3B.
More info on that later. You can find the program here:

Wednesday 22. january, 2003:

The earlier announced UK Subs show at Kafe Larssen here in Trondheim, is off course thursday 30. january.
Not tomorrow like we said. Sorry ´bout that. Anyway, get your tickets now!
The Action Pilots will perform a couple of songs on "Endelig Fredag" ("Finally Friday") on national radio
NRK P1, forthcoming friday. This takes place at one cool joint called "Posepilten", between 4.30 pm - 5.30 pm.
In norwegian: 16.30 - 17.30. So come on down and share one beer or four, or you can tune in to 92,4 FM, but this
might regard only the middle part of norway.
After this, the Pilot-Boys will crank out some new tunes in the studio, and hopefully it will be out on CD
before their norwegian fans have gotten a tan.
Action Pilots on tour:
- Friday 31. january: Knaus, Studentersamfundet, Trondheim
- Thursday 6. february: Betong, Oslo
- Friday 7. february: TBA (Oslo, Ås or Hamar)
- Saturday 8. february: TBA (Oslo, Ås or Hamar)
- Thursday 13. february: Cafe 3B, Trondheim (By-Larm)

Monday 20. january, 2003:

We have put up an review section on the left, so you can read about records and
concerts that we like, or don´t like. Now there´s a short review from the Vibrators
show last friday, but we´ve never done any kind of reviews before, so please,
take it easy on us.
Tour-dates for Action Pilots will follow in the next days, so for you who
live around the Oslo-area, check here soon.

Thursday 16. january, 2003:

Tomorrow night is punkrockers night out in Trondheim. The Vibrators are finally here,
and we recommend you to be there early, or get a ticket in advance. We have!
You can buy them at Kafe Larssen for only 80 nok, just a few steps away from the condom shop.
There´s a link to Kafe Larssen in the "scenes" on the left.
Sadly, the Vibrators gig collides with the fantastic Electric Ladyland playing
at Knaus, Studentersamfundet. But we´ll be sure to catch you the next time, girls!
In a few days we´ll also have a shopping section up. Records and t-shirts by bands like
The Trashcan Darlings, Action Pilots, The Graves, The Scarecrows, The Carburetors,
The Tennessee Beats, The Hellacopters, Sons Of Cyrus, The Basement Brats and perhaps some more.
So stay tuned!
The beatiful picture of Jayne County is taken by Johnny Dynell by the way.We´ll put up a credit under it asap.
Hope to see you all tomorrow, and let´s fucking vibrate together!!!!
Enjoy the weekend:-)

© Johnny Dynell

Monday 13. january, 2003:

Maybe we should have spent more time on the site before
unleashing it, but we felt we had to get it up before the Vibrators
gig on friday. This takes place at the legendary joint, Kafe Larssen
here in Trondheim, and cc is only 80 nok!! More info will follow in the next few days.
In the meantime, check out the Vibrators homepage, just go to "International bands"
on the left, and click on the Vibrators link.
"Who the hell is that queen in the picture??" , you may ask.
Jayne County is her name, and is one of the all time favourite Rock´n Roll entertainers
here in our street. In the "Ibands" section you´ll find a link to her homepage, and do it now! So that you can
download the fantastic "U-Bahn to memory lane". This liverecording will only be available in january.

Sunday 12.january, 2003:
Hi there, and welcome!
This site will first of all be supporting
the best norwegian rock´n roll bands around,
and the people that makes rock´n roll interesting.
We´ll try to be one of the most exciting and best updated
sites on the net, just give us a little time.
So check it out and hopefully you will enjoy the bands
and their records, the fanzines and the concerts.
We stole the title from an old MC5 slogan, took one
word away and replaced it with another. Hope this is OK,
and just think of it as the kind of good time every rocker,
punks, dragqueens, mods etc should have.